Dojo Dudes & House Team Captains – (Democracy & Rule of the Law)

What great work our Team Captains and Dojo Dudes have been doing this term. After being elected by the children for these roles, they have worked hard to promote good behaviour across the school and to promote pupil voice by holding meetings and speaking to the children of Hindsford about their ideas. 

Here is them in action at a working lunch last half term when they discussed with Mrs Holden, Mr Wigman and Mrs Costello what they would like to achieve over the next year in their roles.

All Different, All Equal (Tolerance, Mutal Respect & Individaul Liberty)

To launch our anti-bullying week, we wore odd socks to celebrate everybody being different and everybody being equal. 

In one of our collective worships we talked about what could be different about us. Here are some of the suggestions made by the children. 





Home Situation – Who the children with live, number of siblings etc 

Financial Status